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At the Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine (CHI-Medicine) we offer a patient-centered, bio-individualized approach that begins with the patient’s health concerns and goals. Our practitioners thoughtfully assess and address the psycho-emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physiologic facets of each patient, understanding that one’s experience of life is a reflection of these dimensions. As a “holistic” practice we acknowledge the influence of context on all experiences. As an “integrative” practice we respect and incorporate approaches from healing disciplines beyond allopathic medicine. Western medicine is not abandoned, but is creatively paired with the complementary healing that happens through nutrition, naturopathy and homeopathy, structural and energetic alignment, movement, and meditation. The partnership between doctors, other healing practitioners, and most importantly, patients and families, has the unique ability to transform health and consciousness.

The Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine was established in 2009 to foster health through self-empowerment. Exploring the origins of dysfunction in the human body through comprehensive/innovative testing, bioenergetics, and attention to structure, each patient is able to partner with the physician and other healing practitioners on a unique journey towards wellness. CHI-Medicine, through each of its members, seeks to provide compassionate and conscious medicine connecting with the heart of each person towards healing the body, empowering the mind, and transforming the spirit.

Healing the body.
Empowering the mind.
Transforming the spirit.
Connecting with the heart.

Chi Medicine

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