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At the Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine (CHI-Medicine) we offer a patient-centered approach that begins with your health concerns and goals.  Dr. Pastore comprehensively assesses and addresses the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of each patient.  This “holistic” approach recognizes that a patient’s functionality and life experience is the product of these interdependent facets.

Integrating healing modalities from disciplines and cultures that have long existed outside of the realm of Western medicine allows CHI-Medicine to offer the "best of practice" in its approach to disease states.  Dr. Pastore’s strong academic background, markedly enhanced by her study of acupuncture and nutritional approaches to disease, her relentless intellectual curiosity, and broad-mindedness allow her to formulate a unique, thoughtful wellness plan with each patient. Traditional medicine is not abandoned, but is creatively paired with the adjunctive healing that happens through nutrition, naturopathy and homeopathy, structural and energy manipulation, movement, and meditation.

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