First Steps

Your First Appointment

One of our medical doctors or nurse practitioners will conduct a 90 minute intake that starts at the patient’s expressed health concerns and goals. The chronology of symptomatology as perceived by the patient often narrates the story of how disease established itself in a patient. Antecedent factors, precipitating events, and perpetuating factors are all important to understanding the dis-ease process. Much time is spent on understanding the lifestyle of a patient… dietary choices, movement, work life, relationships, rest, patterns of thinking, and spiritual connection. All of these inform the experience of health and are opportunities for conscious enrichment. Using bio-energetic testing, we confirm the need for further functional testing, including neuro-hormonal testing, toxicity testing, infectious diseases testing, food sensitivity testing. A wellness plan is then formulated incorporating all available information from the history, physical, bio-energetic testing, and laboratory testing. This is presented to the patient during an additional 45 minute visit. Recommendations for optimization might include dietary recommendations, supplementation, homeopathy, structural alignment, acupuncture, particular movements, meditation exercises, reading material.

To make an appointment you can call the Center and we will set up a convenient time for you to meet. To make the most of your first visit you will be asked to answer a series of health related questions in advance. You can fill out our intake form on-line by clicking on to Patient Login . The Center utilizes a secure, HIPPA compliant electronic portal system to provide patients with an easy way to communicate with the doctor. This process will save you significant time every time you visit our office.

Cancellation Fee: Please note there is a 48 hour advance cancellation policy. If you do not cancel 48 hours in advance, You will be responsible for the full fee for that visit.

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